TS Medical

Born from years of experience as recognized physicians and medical device developers, TS Medical identified a need for next generation exercise and rehabilitation devices to improve circulatory health.


TS MedicalTM was established in 2013 to develop innovative health products that support an active, healthy lifestyle.

The company’s ActiveAxisTM product line, and release of our FitFootTM  product was designed to improve circulation via simple and inexpensive devices for use at home, travel along with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other settings.

Founder and CEO, Mary Anne Tarkington, MD recognized a need for products that improve circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots. Being a surgeon, she is particularly sensitive to the serious nature of blood clots, which are a well-known complication of surgery and certain chronic diseases. Today, she leads the company’s research program, focusing on circulation-boosting tools to prevent such complications.

FitFoot aims to serve the 5 million people who have surgery in the US annually with solutions for prehabilitation and enhanced recovery after surgery. But there are many other populations that can benefit from better circulatory health. For example, Fitfoot may help tens of millions living with peripheral arterial disease, chronic venous insufficiency, and diabetes – and millions more battling COVID-19 or living a sedentary lifestyle.

TS Medical has patented and developed the ActiveAxis line of innovative and simple exercise devices for home, travel and clinical use. They promote blood flow, lymph drainage, and strength building that have been found to aid in the treatment and rehabilitation of conditions and injuries affecting the lower legs.

TS Medical
Team Members

The TS Medical team consists of professionals in healthcare and medical device development
Senior Management

Dr. Mary AnneTarkington

Founder and CEO


Product Management and Engineering

Patricia Eisenhardt

Corporate and Clinical Program Dir.


TeodoroForcht Dagi

Senior Advisor


Senior Advisor


Senior Advisor

Design, Engineering and Distribution Services

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