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Solutions for Improved Mobility and Active Lifestyle


Individuals that suffer from conditions such as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), edema, diabetes, obesity, venous leg ulcers, hypertension, and vascular disease, face a number of complications such as, muscular dysfunction, limited ankle range of motion (ROM), and diminished calf muscle pump function.

Vascular diseases can cause legs to swell and feel tired or achy. They can even affect the skin, causing discoloration, flaking, itchiness and sometimes ulcers. Some of the more common variations of vascular disease include chronic venous insufficiency, peripheral arterial disease, and varicose veins.

Simple changes in lifestyles are highly recommended for most people with vascular disease. Walking, losing weight, elevating your legs, and doing ankle exercises can be particularly helpful if you typically sit or stand for long periods of time. Exercises that involve pumping the foot or calf have been shown to increase blood circulation, walking capacity, and wound healing.

Ankle pump exercise therapy has been shown to aid in calf muscle pump function and overall blood flow, and may provide additional therapeutic benefits. It has been reported that structured exercise has the ability to improve ankle joint range of motion, calf muscle strength and calf muscle pump function. This can reduce swelling in the lower legs as well as decrease chances of blood clots in the knees and legs also known as Deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

FitFoot is a simple and effective solution that can assist you in performing ankle pump exercises.


Over 3 million people suffer from a sprained ankle each year and more than 23,000 people require medical care each day. These injuries are believed to account for 30% of injuries seen in sports medicine clinics. Treatment for long-term symptoms, or time away from work, can make up 69-87% of the total rehabilitation cost associated with lateral ankle sprains.

Decreased range of motion and strength resulting from an ankle injury are associated with an increased risk of re-injury ranging from 40 to 70 percent. Inadequate treatment or repeated spraining can result in chronic pain, arthritis, or chronic instability of the ankle joint. Lack of plantar flexors flexibility appears to put patients at risk for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and associated knee injuries.

Ankle flexion and extension exercises can improve stabilization, flexibility, and range of motion of the ankle joint through strengthening and stretching. This supports proper muscle function in activities of daily living.

FitFoot guides you through easy dorsiflexion and extension exercises that cover a wide range of motion and strength levels.


Over 50% of older diabetics develop nerve damage which can cause numbness, burning, and tingling in their legs and feet. Changes like numbness can make it difficult to balance, both while walking and standing. Nerve damage can also make it harder to notice and respond to pain caused by factors like heat or pressure, along with increasing the likelihood of foot ulcers. All of this can negatively impact quality of life and increase the risk of falls.

Walking ability and balance can be improved by exercising the foot and lower leg.  This can improve range of motion and strength of the legs and feet. Ultimately, these exercises boost circulation to keep nerves and vessels healthy and functioning properly. Over time, exercises can target areas of the foot to also increase sensation and stability.

FitFoot adapts to your personal exercise level and provides a comfortable, effective means of exercising the foot and lower leg.


Simple & Flexible

FitFoot is a portable exercise device that provides a simple tool for conditions and injuries related to the lower leg.

FitFoot provides users an integrated pedal pivot action that enables them to exercise and improve flexibility in foot and ankle movement while in conjunction performs controlled ankle pump repetition for improvement of overall lower leg blood circulation.

Lightweight and Portability
Promotes both Injury Rehabilitation and Blood Flow Improvement
Use in Sitting, Supine and Prone positions
Adjustable Axis Resistance
Easily Cleanable

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